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Greg’s Faculty_Staff Award

Retiring Graduate Program in Biosciences (GPB) Director, Dr. Greg Payne, Wins Campus-wide Faculty/Staff Partnership Award

A heartfelt congratulations to Greg Payne, the past Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars and inaugural GPB Director, who received the Faculty/Staff Partnership Award through Staff Assembly this June. 

As GPB’s founding Director, he worked tirelessly as an avid supporter of students, staff, and faculty.  Dr. Payne has been dedicated to leading and serving the bioscience population for nearly 20 years. 

Those that nominated Greg for the award cited several examples of his dedication and support, with highlights including the establishment of GPB in 2014, transitioning from the previous ACCESS program; the development of the Committee on Learning Environment Oversight (CLEO); the development and enablement of access to resources for career and professional development for postdoctoral students; mentor training; and the many contributions to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion at UCLA.  They spoke extensively on how he recognizes individuals on all levels and provides support so that they can learn and grow. 

Congratulations, Greg!  GPB would have not seen as much success without you, your leadership, and efforts on behalf of all us!