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Effective mentoring is critical to the retention of students in STEM fields and has been linked to greater productivity, research independence, and career satisfaction. Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars commonly mentor more junior trainees and virtually all STEM careers have opportunities for mentoring.  However, in general, there is little formal mentor training in advanced degree programs.

Entering Mentoring Training is a 10-week curriculum based on the model: "Entering Mentoring: A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists," by J. Handlesman et al. 2009, developed at the University of Wisconsin.

The goals of the mentoring training are to guide mentors to 1) understand “scientific teaching” and apply it in mentoring, 2) build relationship based on trust and respect with a mentee, 3) understand issues related to mentoring diverse students, and 4) build community with other mentors.

The seminar is designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the sciences and uses a student-centered, integrative approach. (Link to 2019 syllabus)

The Spring 2019 EMT RSVP survey is open. If you are interested in participating please click here and complete the survey by February 28th, 2019. All are encouraged to sign up however, senior graduate students and postdocs who currently mentor undergraduates will be given priority. Enrollment confirmations will be sent out March 13th.


Program Director:

Diana Azurdia, Ph.D.
Director for Recruitment and Inclusion, Graduate Programs in Bioscience
Master Facilitator, National Research Mentoring Network
Email: dazurdia@mednet.ucla.edu

The program is supported by the Graduate Program in Biosciences.  

Feel free to contact the Program Director directly.