Physics & Biology in Medicine

The Physics & Biology in Medicine Home Area is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to develop research scientists who are well versed in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and computer science and who understand the application of these disciplines to the instruments and techniques used in both the imaging and treatment of diseases. The research in this program ranges from basic to translational; faculty and students in the program are involved in research that operates at the intersection of traditional disciplines and are actively involved in defining new research areas. The program offers training in four specialties that are distinct, but offer significant opportunities for interaction, including: (a) Molecular Imaging—the Imaging of the living chemistry of cells and tissues of the body, (b) Medical Imaging—imaging anatomy, physiology and pathology using MR, CT and other modalities; (c) Therapeutic Medical Physics—the physics of radiation therapy and novel planning or delivery methods; and (d) Molecular and Cellular Oncology—biological effects of radiation for both therapeutic and public protection.

Home Area Director

Michael McNitt-Gray, Ph.D.

Affiliated Degree Program

Biomedical Physics IDP