International Student Resources

UCLA partners with Morneau Shepell to provide the International Student Support Program (ISSP) to international students.

The International Student Support Program provides confidential support to international students at no cost to them:

  • 24/7 remote acculturation support and counseling from clinical advisors who speak their language and understand their culture, including the unique challenges they may face while studying in the United States
  • Access to digital content which aims to support the well-being and retention of international students at UCLA

How can students access the program?

International students can access articles, tools, resources, and their Support Advisor through the app, website, and telephone.

Students can speak to a Support Advisor for immediate or ongoing support through every ISSP platform:


Example reasons for students to contact a Support Advisor

  • Stress, frustration, concern, or uncertainty about any aspect of their life, for example:

    o Difficulty adjusting to UCLA or U.S. life
    o Worries about upcoming exams or disappointment with academic performance
    o Anxiety about a public speaking assignment
    o Procrastination and building time management skills
    o Tensions with family members, friends, or roommates
    o Loneliness or homesickness
    o Concerns about post-graduation plans

How can I help as a faculty or staff member at UCLA?

  • Post ISSP brochures and posters in areas visible to students
  • Help students identify reasons to call a Support Advisor
  • Facilitate students’ connection to ISSP through Assisted Referral and by helping students download the My SSP app

How does Assisted Referral work? Faculty or staff facilitate student connection to ISSP through the following process:

  • Step 1: Obtain verbal permission from the student to call ISSP together if they seem open to using the resource
  • Step 2: Dial 1.866.743.7732 to request a Support Advisor, specifying language of choice as applicable
  • Step 3: Briefly explain the reason for the call and hand the phone to the student
  • Step 4: Leave the room so the student can speak privately with the Support Advisor when able and appropriate

Information on this webpage provided by the Behavioral Wellness Center