William P. Melega

William P Melega

Professor-in-Residence, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology, University of California Los Angeles

(310) 206-1797

Los Angeles, CA 90095


Member, Brain Research Institute, Molecular Pharmacology GPB Home Area

Research Interests

This research program is focused on molecular mechanisms of basal ganglia neuroplasticity associated with neurodegenerative diseases and drug abuse. Analytical techniques include a wide range of biochemical, molecular and behavioral approaches. Specific projects include: 1- Biochemical studies on the acute and long term effects of methamphetamine. Studies are investigating mechanisms of neuronal adaptation following long term methamphetamine exposure in rodents. 2- Intervention strategies for neurodegenerative diseases. Rodent models of Parkinson’s disease are evaluated after specific intervention procedures (antioxidants, growth factors, immunomodulation). This work will establish the methodology for central nervous system – intervention strategies that can be used to restore functional brain activity in humans with neurodegenerative diseases.