Posted September, 2015

Cynthia Ouandji is an undergraduate student attending San Jose State University. This summer, the bay area resident is doing research at UCLA in Dr. James Weiss’ lab. The goal of her research project is to modify and characterize the L-type channels in a ventricular myocyte using computational modeling.

Check out this video to learn more about why Cynthia chose UCLA SPUR-LABS, her goal to increase access to healthcare, and a highlight of her summer research experience.


Posted October, 2015

Jason Alipio is a biological psychology major at Cal State University San Bernardino. This summer Jason worked in the lab of Dr. David Glanzman researching “Learning and Memory in Larval Zebrafish.”  Check out the video below to find out more about his SPUR-LABS experience.


Posted October, 2015

Joan Reger is a rising junior at Emory University. This summer Joan spent 10 weeks at UCLA doing research in Dr. David Eisenberg’s lab. Her research project culminate with a poster presentation on “The Formation of Cylindrin Structures by TDP-43 Segments.” Watch the video below to get a sense of the sights and sounds of her lab experience.


Posted October, 2015

Ramiro Patino is a 2015 UCLA SPUR-LABS participant. This summer Ramiro worked in Dr. Patricia Johnson’s lab, where he studied Trichomonas vaginalis, a parasite that causes one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections in the United States. Ramiro successfully submitted an abstract, “Polymorphonuclear Cells Secrete a Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Profile in Response to Trichomonas vaginalis”, based on his summer research. His abstract was accepted and this November he will give a poster presentation on his research at the 2015 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS).

Congratulations Ramiro!

Watch the video below to hear Ramiro reflect on his summer research experience at UCLA:


Posted October, 2015

William (Will) Grant Jr. is a rising 4th year student at Morehouse College. This summer Will worked in Dr. Bill Lowry’s lab, which focuses on stem cell research. Will’s summer project looked at phenotypic immunoresponsive and metabolic differences in squamous cell carcinoma, upon removing specific tumor suppressors that aid in the progression of cancer.

When asked about his lab experience, Will shared:

“I love my lab experience. Everyone is extremely helpful, from the PI to the grad students, to the fellow undergraduate students. I also appreciate the fact that I’ve been able to contribute tangible and meaningful data to the lab, specifically while doing microscopy. I was able to find and identify phenotypes that actually contribute to the ultimate goal of not only my project, but also to the lab.”

His favorite aspect of SPUR-LABS:

“Beyond the academically enriching workshops and experiences that SPUR-LABS has offered thus far, I’ve enjoyed the personalized attention that we receive from the program directors. Just knowing that they’re not just figureheads, or just names that appear on a paper; that every week we’re expected to meet with them, we’re expected to tell them what we love about the program, what we don’t love about the program; what we can improve upon, what they can improve upon. I’ve definitely received a lot of mentorship from them. So being in SPUR-LABs is not only mentorship from my PI, but it’s also mentorship from the program directors as well and I’ve really loved that aspect of the program.”

After 8 weeks of research, Will presented a poster titled “Defining the Source of Tumor Heterogeneity.”