Home Area Membership for UCLA Faculty

Graduate Programs in Bioscience is a consortium of seven Ph.D. programs in biomedical and life sciences, organized as Home Areas, which serve as the recruiting, admitting, and training groups. Home Areas are organized according to discipline – a faculty member can belong to up to three home areas.

Membership Process

Membership is granted by each Home Area, so faculty interested in joining should contact the relevant Home Area director to discuss membership requirements. We recommended that faculty first contact the Home Area of greatest interest. Membership in one home area simplifies the membership process in others.

All faculty members must demonstrate the availability of sufficient funding to support a graduate student in order to be eligible to accept rotation and thesis students. In addition, prior to accepting thesis students, faculty members must obtain approval from the chair of the department that handles their grants, indicating a departmental commitment to take responsibility for arranging student funding in the event of a funding lapse.

Supplemental Student Support Available to Member Faculty

Graduate Programs in Bioscience provides funding for all students in the first year from institutional funds. In the second and third years, if a student is not supported by a training grant or external fellowship, the program provides partial student support (up to $16,000/year) from School of Medicine funds. Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition is also provided for international students in year 2 and the Fall quarter of year 3. International students qualify for a non-resident tuition waiver for the 3 years after passing their qualifying exams. Students who are awarded an extramural fellowship are eligible to receive a $3,000 stipend bonus for each year of the fellowship.