Research Mentorship Training

This evidence-based, interactive approach engages mentors in collective problem solving and connects them with resources to optimize their mentoring practices.

Research mentor training has been tested and shown to be effective in increasing mentoring knowledge, skills, and behavior. Furthermore, culturally responsive interactions between mentors and mentees can help historically underrepresented mentees successfully progress in their research careers, becoming effective mentors, scientific leaders, and research team members of the future.


UCLA Entering Mentoring Training Program
This 10-week seminar is designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in the sciences and uses a student-centered, integrative approach to learning about best practices for mentoring at the research bench. Graduate students can take the seminar for 1 unit (MOL BIO 300). This seminar course is offered every spring.

Postdoc Mentoring Workshop

The objective of this day-long workshop is to help postdocs analyze and develop their current mentoring practices, through best practice sharing, group reflection, and discussion. The workshop utilizes the evidence-based approaches of the Entering Mentoring curriculum, which is specifically designed for research mentors across career stages.


Advancing Faculty Mentoring Practices Workshop
The objective of this day-long workshop is to enrich current mentoring practices by providing mentors with evidence-based approaches to research mentoring while offering a forum in which to solve dilemmas. Participants learn evidence-based approaches to research mentoring from the Entering Mentoring curriculum, which is specifically designed for research mentors across career stages. 


UCLA Trained Mentor Facilitators
A listing of all faculty and staff that are UCLA trained mentor facilitators. 

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Program Director:

Diana Azurdia, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Programs in Bioscience
Master Facilitator, National Research Mentoring Network

The program is supported by the Graduate Program in Biosciences.  

Feel free to contact the Program Director directly.