Biosciences Programs and Resources:

Graduate Programs in Bioscience is committed to training students and postdocs to become leaders and equipping them with the necessary skills to be innovators in their chosen fields. Our programs’ interdisciplinary approach to learning offers individualized training and career-building opportunities that provides comprehensive career and professional development opportunities that empower our students to explore bioscience careers that positively impact society as a whole.

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Grad School Hacks for First-Year Students

The series “Grad School Hacks” consists of interactive workshops and roundtables designed to help participants select a thesis mentor and research group.  In this series, participants have structured opportunities to reflect on factors to consider in making the decision and discuss strategies to use when faced with conflicting advice.

The series offers a brave space and forum for students to share experiences with peers and build community in an environment that is open and free of judgment. These programs also offer GPB an opportunity to assess the needs of its students in real-time and to allow for intervention should a student be experiencing difficulties or challenges.

Leadership Training Program for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars

This series of interactive workshops is designed to help trainees thrive in a research environment, deal with conflicts, and be effective leaders and team members. The topics have all been developed with a focus on research groups and the academic environment. The training will provide strategies for effective integration into a Ph.D. program, the lab, and the department, as well as, offering a forum for trainees to share experiences with peers and build community. 

Certification Process: Certificates are available for those that complete 5 of the 6 offerings of the Leadership Series.

Professional Development Events Calendar

GPB staff put together a playlist of suggested campus events for professional development. Some of the events are hosted by our office, and others are hosted by our campus collaborators.

Mentorship Training

We are committed to the improvement of research mentoring relationships for mentees and mentors at all career stages through the implementation of evidence-based and culturally-responsive interventions.

Our offerings include…

Bioscience Undergraduate Summer Programs and Events

The UCLA Bioscience Summer Programs provides a rigorous research training experience for undergraduates with interests in a broad range of bioscience disciplines—from molecules to organisms and from basic to translational science. Exceptional research training, integrated with professional development activities, will prepare students to succeed in leading Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. programs. The programs aim to contribute to diversity, inclusion, and the elimination of barriers to participation in bioscience research careers. Click on the links below to find out more.

Summer Programs:

Summer Events:


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