The Neuroscience Home Area trains students to be conversant in all levels of analysis in neuroscience, from the molecular and cellular to systems, behavior, translation, and disease, while specializing in their chosen field of research. Neuroscience is inherently interdisciplinary because the most creative research uses the analytical tools of several disciplines to converge on solutions to specific questions about neural function. Our Neuroscience Home Area emphasizes unique combinations of ideas and techniques, including the application of novel developments in basic science to elucidate clinical problems, new imaging technology to understand molecular, cellular, and behavioral phenomena, molecular techniques to solve problems in cellular and systems neuroscience, and the interface between neuroscience and engineering. The Home Area has great breadth and includes about 100 distinguished faculty in virtually all areas of neuroscience. Our program is designed to foster close student-faculty relationships and maintains a strong sense of community. Students are viewed as junior colleagues and are responsible for major roles in decisions that impact their education. Several areas of Neuroscience are represented by large groups of faculty with common interests who closely interact with each other in a collaborative manner. We have designated these clusters as Focused Areas of Research (FARs). The FARs are Addiction, Learning & Memory, Neural Development, Degeneration & Repair, Neuroendocrinology, Neurogenetics, Neuroimaging/Cognitive, Synapses, Cells & Circuits, Computational & Systems Neuroscience; and Neurotechnology.

Home Area Director

Felix Schweizer, Ph.D.

Affiliated Degree Program

Neuroscience IDP