David Elashoff

Adjunct Professor, Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

Adjunct Professor, Computational Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

(310) 794-3346

911 Broxton, Room 315
Los Angeles, CA 90024

David Elashoff is a biostatistician and professor in the Departments of Medicine, Biostatistics and Computational Biology. His two main areas of statistical research and collaboration are in clinical trials and in methodology for the design and analysis of biomarker discovery and validation studies. He serves as a statistical collaborator for a wide variety of research projects spanning the range from basic science animal studies, high throughput omics research, translational research, observational studies, health services research and clinical trials. He has collaborated with researchers across the Health Sciences Schools at UCLA (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Public Health) as well as at the UCLA CTSI partner institutions (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center/Lundquist Institute). He has a number of leadership positions in groups providing widely accessible statistical collaboration including serving as a leader of the biostatistics program (BERD) for the UCLA CTSI, co-leader for the Biostatistics core for the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center and the Director of the Department of Medicine Statistics core. The Department of Medicine Statistics core has 30 full time collaborative faculty and staff level biostatisticians with the aim of providing high quality statistical collaboration to researchers at UCLA. He has extensive experience leading biostatistics cores for multiple-project grants including leading the biostatistics and bioinformatics core for the UCLA SPORE in Prostate Cancer, the data management and statistics Core for the UCLA Alzheimer’s Center, and the data management and analysis core for the Mapping Immune Responses in Renal Transplant. He is the principal statistician and leader of the data coordinating centers for a number of NIH supported multi-center clinical trials including FIT4KID and PREVENT VT.



Leader, Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design
Member, CTSI, Medical Informatics GPB Home Area