Noah Zaitlen

Noah A Zaitlen

Professor, Neurology, University of California Los Angeles

Professor, Human Genetics, University of California Los Angeles


Member, Genetics & Genomics GPB Home Area


Dr. Zaitlen is an Associate Professor at the University of California Los Angeles in the Departments of Computational Medicine and Neurology and is the co-Director of the UCLA Clinical Neurogenomics Research Center. He develops statistical and computational tools to understand the genetic basis of complex phenotypes from genetic and functional genomic data with a special focus on cancer, variation in cancer drug/treatment response, and cancer gene-environment interactions in admixed populations. Dr. Zaitlen has collaborative efforts that span domestic and international academic institutions and leverages data from numerous studies for genomic discoveries in medicine and epidemiology. His lab has both dry and wet lab expertise and students and post-docs from diverse fields including: applied math/computer science, biostatistics/statistics, bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, medicine, and genetics/genomics.


A selected list of publications:
Dahl Andy, Zaitlen Noah   Genetic Influences on Disease Subtypes Annual review of genomics and human genetics, 2020; 21: 413-435.
Dahl Andy, Nguyen Khiem, Cai Na, Gandal Michael J, Flint Jonathan, Zaitlen Noah   A Robust Method Uncovers Significant Context-Specific Heritability in Diverse Complex Traits American journal of human genetics, 2020; 106(1): 71-91.
Hernandez Ryan D, Uricchio Lawrence H, Hartman Kevin, Ye Chun, Dahl Andrew, Zaitlen Noah   Ultrarare variants drive substantial cis heritability of human gene expression Nature genetics, 2019; 51(9): 1349-1355.
Uricchio Lawrence H, Kitano Hugo C, Gusev Alexander, Zaitlen Noah A   An evolutionary compass for detecting signals of polygenic selection and mutational bias Evolution letters, 2019; 3(1): 69-79.
Galanter Joshua M, Gignoux Christopher R, Oh Sam S, Torgerson Dara, Pino-Yanes Maria, Thakur Neeta, Eng Celeste, Hu Donglei, Huntsman Scott, Farber Harold J, Avila Pedro C, Brigino-Buenaventura Emerita, LeNoir Michael A, Meade Kelly, Serebrisky Denise, Rodríguez-Cintrón William, Kumar Rajesh, Rodríguez-Santana Jose R, Seibold Max A, Borrell Luisa N, Burchard Esteban G, Zaitlen Noah   Differential methylation between ethnic sub-groups reflects the effect of genetic ancestry and environmental exposures eLife, 2017; 6(1): 69-79.