Siobhan Braybrook*

Siobhan Braybrook*


Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Member, Cell & Developmental Biology GPB Home Area



Siobhan obtained her BSc Honors in Plant Biology from the University of Guelph, Canada, and her Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology from the University of California at Davis, USA with John Harada. She began researching plant mechanics during her NSF-funded post-doc in the lab of Cris Kulemeier in Bern, Switzerland. Siobhan moved to Cambridge in January 2013 to set-up The Plant Mechanics Group at The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge. In July of 2017, the lab moved to the Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology at UCLA. Siobhan likes anything to do with patterns and shapes in plants and algae, from sunflower patterning to epidermal cell shape.


A selected list of publications: