Su Yon Jung

Su Yon Jung


“In cancer epidemiologic studies, behavioral and observational studies have been conducted in parallel with genome/epigenome-wide association studies. Cancer researchers widely agree that one-sided research (either behavioral or genomic) cannot completely present the essential risk factors of cancers, so they have now conducted interdisciplinary collaborative studies. My molecular genomic epidemiology to incorporate hormonal and behavioral determinants in cancer prevention and prognosis will afford a rich opportunity for collaboration between the two research areas by its incorporation of the rigorous epidemiologic strategy into the genetic/epigenetic study approach, to disentangle the complicated effects of gene–environment/behavior interactions on cancer.”

Dr. Su Yon Jung, an Associate Professor in the UCLA School of Nursing, is a molecuar genomic cancer epidemiologist with expertise in study design and data quality assurance, statistically analytic approach, interpretation, and evaluation. Additionally, she was an oncology specialist. During her graduate studies, Dr. Jung analyzed hospital-based metastatic breast cancer data to identify prognostic factors for breast cancer survival. Dr. Jung completed a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Jung’s research at UCLA has focused on identifying cancer biomarkers and their genomic mechanisms as potential strategies for cancer prevention. Her genetic/epigenomic approaches is to detect the effect of gene-environment/behavior interactions on the pathways connecting cancer biomarkers to cancer carcinogenesis/prognosis.


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