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Graduate Programs in Bioscience Welcomes Dr. Frank Bayliss

On Wednesday, October 15th, Graduate Programs in Bioscience welcomed to campus Frank Bayliss, Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Director of the Student Enrichment Opportunities Office in the College of Science & Engineering at San Francisco State University.  Dr. Bayliss has established national models for training and mentoring students underrepresented in STEM fields.  His programs at San Francisco State University are widely recognized as highly effective in preparing students to succeed in top-rated Ph.D. programs.  

In his seminar, “Enhancing the Recruitment, Training, and Diversity of STEM Students,” Dr. Bayliss emphasized the importance of seeking out quality doctoral students that contribute to a diverse and exceptional student cohort.  “Frank Bayliss’ seminar presented a compelling perspective on the value of structured programs in preparing underrepresented students for advanced degree programs in STEM fields” noted, Dr. Greg Payne, Director of GPB.  “Particularly impressive were the data demonstrating the success of SFSU bachelor and master’s program students in Ph.D. Programs.  He also provided revealing data on limitations of general GRE scores and evidence for higher grade inflation at private versus public institutions.  With this background Bayliss offered insightful recommendations for strategies to increase diversity in our STEM PhD programs.”

By utilizing these strategies, admissions committees within the UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience hope to further advance and enrich the diversity of STEM fields.