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Brewin' Talks: A Grad-Student-Only Seminar and Networking Event

Photo caption: Bioinformatics student, Artur Jaroszewicz uses his dog as a metaphor for Fine mapping of Hi-C contact peaks via Convolutional Neural Networks.  Credit: Catharine Krebs

Students joined in last week for another edition of “Brewin’ Talks” to learn from their peers.  David DiTullio (Neuroscience) lectured on A stroke-specific oligodendrocyte progenitor cell transcriptome reveals novel genes impacting recovery after white matter stroke while Artur Jaroszewicz (Bioinformatics) presented on Fine mapping of Hi-C contact peaks via Convolutional Neural Networks.  

Catharine Krebs, a second year student in Genetics & Genomics, created Brewin’ Talks as a way to bring students of all the Biosciences programs together.  She explains, “Because there are no post-docs or faculty allowed at Brewin’ Talks, it creates a low-pressure, supportive venue for students to present their work. And because the event contains designated times to socialize before and after talks, it also provides an outlet for students to meet and learn about the work of peers in other departments.”  All students in attendance have the opportunity to give feedback on their peer’s work and network to form collaborations outside of their department. 

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Check out the next Brewin’ Talks scheduled for February 8th and be on the lookout for more student-led events.