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Advancing Faculty Mentoring Practices Workshop

On January 3, 2020, faculty from over 20 departments in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and the David Geffen School of Medicine participated in a day-long workshop “Advancing Faculty Mentoring Practices ” facilitated by Drs. Diana Azurdia, Beth Lazazzera, and Greg Payne. 46 faculty members attended the workshop to discuss best practices in cultivating and promoting inclusive mentorship of trainees across all career stages.

The topics covered during the workshop included: Aligning Expectations, Maintaining Effective Communication, Assessing Understanding, Fostering Independence, Promoting Professional Development, Addressing Equity and Inclusion.

The workshop curriculum comes from NRMN and CIMER, two national organizations dedicated to espousing and promoting evidence-based best practices for increased mentorship across the sciences.

This training has the potential to increase research productivity that comes from improved well-being (especially mental well-being) of lab members, which leads to the reduction of interpersonal conflicts that draw attention away from research.

It is the Graduate Programs in Bioscience view that excellence in mentoring leads to a virtuous cycle that enhances mentoring over time as generations of trainees learn best practices from their mentors.

More information on both organizations can be found below:

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