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GPB Student Wins UC-Wide Grad Slam Competition

Congratulations to GPB Student Brandon Tsai (Genetics & Genomics, MSTP).  

Brandon has taken his 3-minute talk “Next Generation Covid-19 Vaccines” to new heights and won not only the UCLA and Audience Choice Awards locally, but also the UC-Wide competition.  He competed against winners from the other 8 UC Campuses and was awarded the title of UC champion.  

The Grad Slam Competition is a campus and UC-wide competition that showcases student research presentations in a 3-minute format.  Students must eloquently and excitedly describe their research quickly to a broad audience of judges from different backgrounds.  The UC competition also included talks on: 

  • Silence in Paradise: Fighting extinction and infectious disease in Hawaiian birds, Christa Seidl, UC Santa Cruz
  • Lights, camera, surgery!, Muhammad Twaha Ibrahim,UC Irvine
  • “School really isn’t built for some kids”: Piloting an executive function screening system, Elissa Monteiro, UC Riverside
  • Learning without a brain, Deepa Rajan, UCSF
  • From Pollutant to Fuel & New Products: Recycling carbon dioxide, Aneelman Brar, UC Merced
  • Grandmas, ghosts and genes, Julia Mouat, UC Davis
  • Shedding light on Alzheimer’s disease, Madison Browne, UC Berkeley
  • Turning on the tap, Annette Hilton, UC Santa Barbara
  • Soliloquizing: A self-practice towards better foreign language speaking fluency, Shang-En (Sean) Huang, UC San Diego

See the update on the UCLA Division of Graduation website and the UC Grad Slam website.  

Photo by UCLA Division of Graduate Education.