Biological Chemistry Faculty Candidate Symposium

Biological Chemistry Faculty Candidate Symposium

February 5, 2019

9:30am – 4:30pm

Biological Chemistry/ Faculty Candidate Symposium     Presenters:

mitoCPR – A Stress Response that Maintains Mitochondrial Homeostasis

Hilla Weidberg, PhD

Collective Neuromodulation of Global Brain States

Matthew Lovett-Barron, PhD

Gas-Filled Protein Nanostructures for Imaging Cellular Function

in Deep Tissue

George Lu, PhD

De Novo Design of Functional Protein

Daniel Silva Manzano, PhD

Expanding the Elements of Life by Directed Protein Evolution

Jennifer Kan, PhD

Programmable Protein Circuits in Living Cells: Design and Delivery

Xiaojing Gao, PhD

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