Computational Medicine – Faculty Search Symposium

Computational Medicine – Faculty Search Symposium

March 7, 2019

9:00am – 5:00pm


Manifold Learning Uncovers Hidden Structure in Complex

Cellular State Space

David Van Dijk, PhD

No Health Without Mental Health: Harnessing Electronic Health Records Linked to a DNA Biobank for Biomedical Discovery

Jessica Dennis, PhD

Impact of Negative Selection on Disease Genetic Architecture

Steven Gazal, PhD

Sparse and Low-Rank Models in Biomedical Data Science

Benjamin Bejar Haro, PhD

Information at the Interface Between Biology and Computation

Vasileios Ntranos, PhD

Computational Insights into Neural Representations, Learning & Behavior

Ann Kennedy, PhD

– and-

Al-Healthcare Bridge: A Balance Between Prediction and Interpretation

Kayhan Batmanghelich, PhD

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