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SPUR-LABS Student Spotlight Video- Cynthia Ouandji

Cynthia Ouandji is an undergraduate student attending San Jose State University. This summer the bay area resident is doing research in Dr. James Weiss’ lab. The goal of her research project is to modify and characterize the L-type channels in a ventricular myocyte using computational modeling.

Cynthia’s career goal is to increase access to healthcare:

“My life goal is to help others. That was something I figured out when I was 13. I went into bioengineering from biochemistry because it’s a lot more applied and there’s a much larger chance of helping others. My career goal in essence is to increase access to healthcare. I want to do that through technology because I feel like there is so much potential to do so much good to lower the cost of healthcare; to make or innovate something new that treats a disease that hasn’t been treated before. I’m really hoping that with my degree and with graduate school I can help increase access to healthcare, either by inventing a technology or device that drastically reduces the cost to patients, or inventing something that solves a problem that hasn’t been solved before.”

Check out this video to learn more about Cynthia’s interest in cardiovascular engineering and why she chose SPUR-LABS.